The appropriate combination of different herbs can enhance each individual herb’s ability to lower blood pressure. In this clinical trial, we studied the effectiveness the herbal formula. Holistrol for treating mild hypertension. Holistrol is composed of three Chinese herbs: Holly Leaf, Radish  Seed, and Chinese Hawthorne fruit.
Holy Leaf (Ilex Aquifolium ): Used as tea in southern China for centuries, holly leaf was only recently discovered to have a hypotensive effect. Pharmacological studies indicate this herb can enhance overall blood circulation, decrease the resistance of arteries to blood flow, lower blood pressure and reduce cholesterol levels?
Radish Seed (Raphanus Sativus): Commonly known as daikon radish seed,  this herb is recognized as a natural digestive aid in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Modern research has demonstrated that daikon radish seed can dramatically improve bowel function,  normalize blood pressure and cholesterol,  and improve cardiovascular health. These benefits derive from its ability to enhance the circulation of vital energy,  especially to the stomach and intestines.
Chinese Hawthorn Fruit (Crataegus Pinnatifid)This herb was traditionally used to improve digestion, especially of fatty foods. Pharmacological studies indicate Chinese hawthorn fruit can improve heart function, repair heart muscle damage, enhance blood flow, reduce arrhythmia, and lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels. It also has antioxidant, antibacterial,  anti-cancer,  and diuretic effects.

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